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Gwinnett 101

The Gwinnett 101 Citizens Academy stands as a beacon of community involvement and education in Gwinnett County. This 12-week program, offered biannually, is a pivotal initiative for nurturing well-informed and active residents, students, and business owners. Understanding the significance of engaged citizens in the fabric of local governance, the academy provides an invaluable platform for learning and interaction.

Program Overview For Gwinnett 101

Spanning across 12 weeks and conducted twice each year, the Gwinnett 101 Citizens Academy is tailored for a diverse group of participants including residents, students, and business owners of Gwinnett County. This initiative plays a crucial role in demystifying the operations of local government and fostering a sense of community involvement.

Behind-the-Scenes Experience During Gwinnett 101

Participants of the academy are privy to a unique, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the workings of the Gwinnett County Government. This immersive experience includes interactions with key leaders and visits to various county facilities, offering a firsthand understanding of how the county functions and serves its community.

Program Goals Of Gwinnett 101 Citizen’s Academy


The academy aims to deepen participants’ understanding of local government, highlighting the intricacies of community issues and solutions. Through this hands-on experience, individuals gain a comprehensive view of the services and programs provided by the county.


Emphasizing the need for increased and quality citizen participation, especially from underrepresented communities, the program encourages participants to engage more deeply with local governance. Many alumni of the program have gone on to volunteer and serve on advisory boards, reflecting the program’s success in fostering civic responsibility.


One of the core objectives of the Gwinnett 101 Citizens Academy is to strengthen the lines of communication and relationships between the residents, business owners, students, and local government officials. This goal is achieved through direct interactions, facilitating a network of diverse community leaders and participants.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the program, individuals must be at least 18 years old and either reside in, own a business in, or attend a college or university in Gwinnett County. Prospective participants should demonstrate a keen interest in local governance and commit to attending all sessions, with a maximum of two excused absences.

Program Structure

The program is structured to require attendance at both the orientation and graduation sessions. Participants are allowed up to two excused absences but are expected to make these up in the subsequent session to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Application Process

The application process for the Gwinnett 101 Citizens Academy is designed to be inclusive yet selective, considering the limited slots available. One unique aspect is the limitation of one applicant per household, ensuring broader community representation. Additionally, employees of the county seeking to apply must obtain departmental approval.

Benefits of Participation

Participating in the Gwinnett 101 Citizens Academy offers numerous benefits. It not only enhances personal and professional development but also significantly contributes to the individual’s ability to influence and improve their community.

Success Stories From Gwinnett 101

The program boasts numerous success stories, with many participants taking active roles in their communities post-graduation. These testimonials underscore the profound impact the academy has on individuals and, by extension, on Gwinnett County as a whole.

Challenges and Solutions

While the program is highly effective, it faces challenges such as ensuring accessibility and addressing common concerns. Continuous improvements are made to enhance the program’s reach and impact.

Future of the Gwinnett 101 Citizen Academy

Looking forward, the Gwinnett 101 Citizens Academy aims to expand its scope and improve its offerings. Plans include creating more opportunities for alumni engagement and broadening the program’s impact on the community.


The Gwinnett 101 Citizens Academy is a cornerstone in the realm of community engagement and education in Gwinnett County. Its commitment to developing informed and active citizens is a testament to the power of local government and community collaboration.


  1. What is the duration of the Gwinnett 101 Citizens Academy?
    • The program runs for 12 weeks and is offered twice a year.
  2. Who can apply for the program?
    • Residents, business owners, or students in Gwinnett County aged 18 or above are eligible.
  3. What are the benefits of participating in the academy?
    • Benefits include enhanced understanding of local government, personal and professional growth, and opportunities for community involvement.
  4. How many sessions can a participant miss?
    • Participants may miss a maximum of two sessions, excluding the mandatory orientation and graduation.
  5. Can county employees participate?
    • Yes, but they must receive written approval from their department.

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