Use the checklist below to make sure you are ready for your podcast interview. Feel free to include anything to the checklist that you feel will be important to you for your interview.

Pre-Interview Preparation
Research the podcast’s theme and audience
Reliable video camera with good lighting
Ensure a reliable internet connection
Have a quality microphone and headphones
Test equipment beforehand
Conduct a sound check
Familiarize yourself with the recording platform
Make sure you website is working properly
Ready anecdotes or examples
Brush-up on your industry if needed
Day of the Interview
Ensure a quiet space
Notify others about the recording
Dress appropriately
Have notes and bio/introduction ready
Have water available
Be punctual
Maintain a positive and energetic attitude
Thank the host
Ask about the episode’s air date
Share the episode on social media
Engage with comments and feedback
Listen to your episode and note areas for improvement

Feel free to print this out or use it as a digital checklist to tick off each item as you complete them.