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Why Non-Tech Entrepreneurs and Those Outside the Sustainability Space Should Attend the Green Impact Forum

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s easy to feel left out if you’re not immersed in the latest technological advancements or sustainability trends. As a non-tech entrepreneur or someone outside the sustainability sphere, you might wonder how these fields can benefit your business. We’re here to tell you: the Green Impact Forum is an event you don’t want to miss, regardless of your industry.

Event Details:

Date & Venue: June 21, 2024, at 12 PM, Atlanta Tech Park, 107 Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA

Hosted by: Audrey Bell-Kearney, President of the Gwinnett Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Keynote Speakers and Panelists:

  • Savannah Seydel: Vice President of Sustainability, Better Earth, LLC
  • Stephanie Luque: Co-founder of EnviroSpark
  • Kandi Howell: Program Director of Power Delivery at Pond

Join us for an insightful and empowering discussion at the Green Impact Forum, where we’ll delve into pivotal themes such as the future of Electric Vehicles (EVs), Net Zero living, and burgeoning opportunities in the Energy Sector.

Why Should You Attend?

Expand Your Horizons
Understanding the latest in green technology and sustainability can help you stay ahead of market trends and consumer expectations. Imagine being able to position your business as both innovative and environmentally conscious. Attending the forum can provide you with the knowledge to make your business more appealing to eco-aware customers, expanding your market reach.

Innovative Ideas
You might discover new strategies and ideas that can be applied to your business. Whether it’s adopting sustainable practices or forming partnerships with tech-savvy companies, the insights you gain could drive significant innovation in your business model.

Networking Opportunities
The forum will bring together leaders and pioneers in green technology and sustainability. This is a golden opportunity to build relationships with influential individuals who can offer mentorship, partnerships, and access to new client bases. Networking with these leaders can catalyze your business growth and expansion.

Stay Competitive
Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s the future of business. By attending the Green Impact Forum, you’ll gain a proactive understanding of sustainability practices, keeping your business competitive and relevant. Your commitment to sustainability will resonate with customers and clients, demonstrating your foresight and dedication to a better future.

Meet Our Keynote Speakers and Panelists

Savannah Seydel: As Vice President of Sustainability at Better Earth, LLC, Savannah brings extensive experience in environmental stewardship and sustainability initiatives. Her background includes an MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Stephanie Luque: Co-founder of EnviroSpark, a leader in the EV charging industry. Since 2014, EnviroSpark has been dedicated to expanding EV charging infrastructure and raising awareness about electric vehicles. Stephanie’s insights will highlight innovative solutions for enhancing EV accessibility and usability.

Kandi Howell: Program Director of Power Delivery at Pond. With a focus on making a sustainable impact, Kandi emphasizes client focus, integrity, and community wellbeing. Pond, established in 1965, continues to evolve as a frontrunner in delivering exceptional services for a sustainable future.

What to Expect

Insightful Discussions
Engage in conversations about the future of green technology and sustainability. Learn from experts who are shaping these fields and gain practical knowledge that can be applied to your business.

Panel Debates
Hear diverse perspectives on key issues affecting all industries. Panel debates will provide a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges in sustainability and green technology.

Q&A Sessions
Get your questions answered by industry experts. Tailored advice will help you understand how to integrate sustainability into your business, regardless of your current industry focus.

Don’t Miss Out

Empower yourself and your business by stepping out of your comfort zone. Join us at the Green Impact Forum for an event that promises to be insightful, inspiring, and transformational. Secure your spot today and be part of the future.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Warm regards,

Audrey Bell-Kearney
President, Gwinnett Women’s Chamber of Commerce

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